Sons of the forest!Explanation of how to install TPP’s mods!

To all of you who enjoy SONS OF FOREST!

The TPP mod is now up on NEXUS MODS.

I am very happy and excited about that.

Sons of the forest is originally only playable in FPS perspective.

game, but now that the TPP viewpoint mod has been made

satisfy your desire to play the game from a TPS perspective.

It is.

mod called Camera Perspective Change Mod.

It is currently up on NEXUS MODS for us.

Thank you modder for UP!


How to

How do I install this mod?

It is a little confusing.

In this issue.

This section explains how to install the TPP mod.

First, you need to install MelonLoader.

From this site

Download this MelonLoader from the site

MelonLoader is here

Install it in the Sons of the forest game.(Install version6.0)


Next, install

After successful installation

Download the MelonLoader Harmony Fix

MelonLoader Harmony Fix

and apply the modified harmony patch to the installed MelonLoader.

MelonLoader with the modified Harmony patch.

Add the MelonLoader Harmony Fix to the steamapps\common\Sons Of The Forest\MelonLoader\net6

0Harmony.dd included in the option file MelonLoader Harmony Fix

0Harmony.dll in the optional file MelonLoader Harmony Fix.

Mods and UserLib.dll included in the optional file MelonLoader Harmony Fix.

Put the two folders “Mods” and “UserLibs” in

steamapps\common\Sons Of The Forest

Sons Of The Forest.

When you start the game

MelonLoader popup will appear.

It will take a while.

Wait for a while.

If you have successfully installed MelonLoader

you should see something like the following screenshot.

From the main menu

Start the game.

Press the above

F1 key or

F2 key to access the

in 3rd person mode.

Sons of the Forest

Sands of Forest in 3rd person mode.

Let’s have fun!